A Christmas Message


Am I just a little crazy or somewhat narcissistic? I have ideas, advice, future scenarios, and it might also hold value for you. I like to imagine that this is valuable for our community, for our shared culture, even a potential value for humanity. It’s not technology, though. I’m a dreamer. Definitely. But why not? Isn’t this where all great ideas come from anyway?

I also admit to being an idealist. An idealist with values and conscience. What I share has tremendous value to a potential future that has not yet fully realized itself. Our future not only wants to breathe, to move, and to act on the stage of life but has an inner force that ensures that it will do just that.

I admit that I want to influence you and your future. Just consider what I’m saying. The future as it is will come one way or another. Consider it so that you can be a part of it, align with it, and have it work in your favor.

Most of us – not all – believe that it is probably a fact that a nice home, vehicles out in front, and vacations equate with a high quality of life. In other words, money buys happiness. Not true you say. Yet the time, effort, and energy that many of us spend on work – and work we really have no passion for – just to earn more money so that we can buy these niceties of life, seem to indicate otherwise.

The Power of Spirituality

The cool part of spiritual power is that it doesn’t matter where you live, what you look like, or what you drive. Neither education nor history is essential to our happiness. It just works that way.

Spirituality is not necessarily about religion, either. It’s not about belonging to this club or that group or even sharing certain beliefs with others. But it is – I think – about practicing your beliefs. Not just remembering some of them on a weekly or bi-weekly, but ritualistically getting in touch with that which cannot be directly proven, then taking action and practicing benevolent behaviors that are in alignment with those beliefs. Practicing self-discipline that assists us to become our best version of ourselves is essential.

Fine-tune ourselves. That’s the message. Let’s not just get an oil change, rather allow our beliefs to crystallize into convictions. Let’s not preach our convictions to others. Wash with them every day. Allow them to cleanse us often. Drink them in and allow ourselves to become what we eat. Then share ourselves with others. Lead by example. See ourselves as leaders, and at this time of year, practice the time-honored tradition of Santa Clause. Ask, how we can follow his example and give something of value to others.

Merry Christmas

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