Practice & Develop a Strong Healthy Habit of Gratitude

I’m not a billionaire.  I’m assuredly not the financial equivalent of a Tiger Woods or a Bill Gates. Despite this fact, establishing a regular practice of being, thinking, and then feeling grateful for those things that life does give up, is well, crucial.

At times I get down on myself despite the great life I have. I struggle to find ways to shake off the negativity of self-loathing, self-pity and generally depressive feelings.

I know its fashionable to conceive of ourselves as hunters. Most of us believe that we go out and get things, bring them home, and then we own them. However, it may be more precise that life actually provides. Life gives stuff to us even though we still have to put out effort to receive them. You know, “all in.”  It may be an important distinction to remember.

Ultimately we’re talking about “energy” and how to cultivate it. Consider the type or quality of energy we are aligning with and perpetuating by “hunting” and compare it to the gentler, more appreciative energy of feeling grateful for those things that life quietly gives up.  Again, it’s comparatively valuable to the quality of our own experience. What is the emotional climate you are creating?

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As an Executive coach and licensed Psychologist, I assist professionals, individual entrepreneurs, and corporate clients with interests and challenges related to personal and professional leadership. Posts reflect client concerns and actions. You don't need to be an executive to secure coaching for yourself, but you should have a degree of ambition. Strategizing on how your career or life might improve and move forward takes time for reflection, either on your own or through dialogue. Opportunity is required to reflect well upon new and detailed information regarding your strengths and weaknesses. Sound consideration leads to a strategy that produces informed action, which precedes success. Wear your strengths like a badge of honor, and be cautious of areas you may tend to error in.

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